Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Dark Side Of Memories

"I thought you would rejoice my eternal sleep, I thought all was lost and forgotten. Why do you adorn me with flowers when a single care I couldn't deserve?" she looked up to his face with teary eyes. Her voice shaky, her lips couldn't open to let words out; "all I've done is to love you" she said. "The ice in your heart kept you frozen to my love gestures. Even when my hands held too tight to yours, you called it pain instead of seeing love's claws."

There was a deafening silence, the only sound was the fall of dry leaves from up the dying trees. The air was serene, the harmattan has made ghost of all once upon green leaves.

She asked a question she thought would bring a smile to his face; "Do you remember the first day we kissed?" "Yes I do", he answered. "I remember how your palms got wet out of sheer bliss. I told you heavens would enjoy our union. Your eyes dazzled in beauty I haven't found anywhere else. Did you believe me when I said we would be forever?" he asked.
"Yes, I did." she answered. "I felt your heart beat and I knew that was the beginning of love's journey." the answer made him quiver, his face went pale with sadness. With a quivering voice he asked her; "so why did you leave me cold when you alone knew the source of my light?"
"I didn't leave you." She answered. "I only left to see whats behind the horizon. I thought love would bring us together again. I thought you would look for me. Seasons past but I never saw you, all I had was this hidden memory of us I've kept so tight in my heart".

His heart turned cold, his gaze fixed on a butterfly dancing it's way up in the wind. He dropped his gaze on the dusty path leading to the cemetery, realizing the dawn is about to break, he told her; "it's over now. You've been able to live on a memory of us all this while…that's all I am to you now; memories. Leave my spirit alone. Stop bringing me flowers and let this sleep of my soul have eternal joy. There's nothing more to take, love wasn't for us to keep. All is dust and gone, what's left is just the glory of our memories. Open your eyes and end this dream, I have a journey to make, to the unknown, that's where I belong now."

On saying that, a flicker of light pierced through the haze, he started moving backwards in gentle strides when the light fell on his saddened face. His tears never stopped, he looked on as she fell flat on the ground, screaming "wait! Wait! Wait.

She suddenly woke up from her sleep with the scream still on her lips. (Story Ends)

This is how frail our lives on earth is. We can't say it all but we can say just enough to make our existence worth while. We should not waste our time of existence contemplating on what could have been. Life is too short to let every sign fall in wastefulness. Why didn't he see what's in her heart whiles alive? Was he too busy taken care of things that did not feed the soul?
Why did she leave when she could have stayed right there in the arms of love?

Look around, all the things we need to have a share of bliss in this life are right there. Stop wondering what lies in the horizon and enjoy what you have at the moment. Life has a subtle way of passing us by. But if only we can listen clearly to the echoes of life, to the roaring of tomorrow's tide, we would have a fulfilled life.

Look at the person next to you; someday you would miss their presence. Someday you will miss their little deeds of kindness that brought warmth to your heart. When that day comes, all you could have are memories. Make good use of what's around you.

Life is to short but very far. The problem is the uncertainties surrounding our steps to the doors of tomorrow. Anytime we go to bed and hope for tomorrow, we should make sure we've tasted the best of what today brought and make it a point to always live above our fears just as the water lilies above the brook. There's no tomorrow but today…forget about tomorrow and live long today, that's all it takes. That's all the joy we can have in the embrace of life

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