Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ghana On My Mind

The fathers who built the structural foundations of our nation Ghana meant well. Within their means, they sought to place Ghana on a democratic pinnacle where Ghana could be a shinning light that beckons other African countries to the worth of true democracy and redemption. When Dr. Nkrumah declared on that fateful night that "Ghana, our beloved country is free forever", he didn't mean only freedom from colonialism and imperialism, but also, freedom from all things that seek to draw the democracy of this nation unto its kneels. When we inherited this nation from our fathers, the least we could have done was "to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana". This never happened.

We have always sought to bathe in the glory of democracy much to the extent that we are unconsciously sinking into the wallows of what should have been our saving grace. Silently, our perception of democracy is killing the moral fibre of this country. We pretend to speak for democracy but the words that come out of our mouth is nothing but venom that seeks to cripple our moral well being as Ghanaians. How long can we follow this path as a nation? How can we lend a helping hand when bitterness has clouded our sense of reasoning?

The most important questions we need to ask ourselves are "can all our problems be solved by the political parties we seem to have sold our souls to? Can there ever be a leader who can put food on the tables of all hungry mouths in this nation? Can we ever achieve a better Ghana when political leaders shroud the truth and feed us with gravels"?

Our political will and democratic zeal is under a threat. It's about time we opened our eyes to the truth instead of worshipping political parties. The time has come for us to run to the shelters of the righteousness of our conscience. With the armour of a righteous conscience, let's put our leaders to the sword and cause them to be accountable. As we do that, we should not forget to also start the change we've always wanted to see.

Change is only gonna come when we position our selves well to make it work. We should always endeavor to reflect the change we demand from others. It's only when we open ourselves up to the hope of change that a better Ghana could be realized. It's not our speech but our actions that can throw light into the darkness we are yet to face. We should rise up as one people and shake the foundations of ideologies that seek to make us poor, and as one people lets help promote the light of the better Ghana we all want to see. This should be the point of our awakening. This should be the time we regroup to think about building a nation not only for ourselves but for our children. God bless our homeland Ghana.

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