Tuesday, 8 November 2011


How many times do we wait in life? It's amazing, it seems our daily lives are made of series of waiting. We wait for promotions in job, we wait for a lover's call, we wait in line in the grocery store, we wait in a traffic, we wait for the call from our prospective employers, we wait to see a change in a relationship. Wow! It seems we spend a hell of time in life's waiting room.
Sometimes, it's very stressful to wait and very frustrating when what we are waiting for seems to tally. We seem to tell ourselves "I can't wait" all the time but the truth is we can always wait. No matter what we are expecting at the end of our waiting, however long our breakthrough seems to tally, we can always wait. We are made for hope as humans. Our lives seem to be rolling each day on the wheels of hope, that's why we can always wait. Waiting is expectancy filled with hope. So if only we can relish our souls with what we'll get at the end of our waiting, then, each of us, however impatient we are, we too can wait. I read of a story about a young man suffering from cancer. There was no hope, doctors after doctors told him he wouldn't last the season. He was actually waiting to die. One morning the wife came with good news to him; "there's a doctor in another town who can heal you of your cancer", the wife said. "he's done it before. He has healed so many people of the disease, I called on him and he promised he would be here in a month time, if only you can hold on for him, you would be healed". Month came without the doctor, two, three, four months came but there was no sign of the doctor. His wife kept assuring him that the doctor was on his way coming but a year later, there was no sign of the doctor. One morning, news came that the doctor wasn't coming, the doctor is dead. That very night, this man suffering of cancer also died. The question is, "how was this cancer stricken man able to last this long when doctors have told him he wouldn't last the night? The answer is hope! He had hope that his healing was on the way coming so his spirit endured. His spirit could hold on and WAIT because there was help coming. Hope preserves our soul. If only we can wait with hope in our hearts, if only we believe in what we are waiting for, dear friend, however long it tallies, we can still wait. Since the beginning of the year B.C, Christians have waited for the kingdom of God, it has never come yet they wait. So why can't you wait? Things take time to work out. Is it about a job, is it about marriage, is it about a change we seek in a relationship? At the end of the day, if we can truly wait, believing the vista of hope we see in our heart, everything we are waiting for will come to pass and our smiles would be boundless so we can tell our hearts; "it's worth the wait."

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