Thursday, 27 March 2014

We are the Jugglers of Our Own Destiny

A man was involved in an accident whiles on his way to see her newly born child for the first time. He regained his consciousness on a hospital bed, there he realised that he’d lost his sight. He screamed and punched in agony for the fact that he would not see again, especially not being able to see his newly born child again. He never slept for days. Thoughts of living in darkness for the rest of his life got him scared and restless. He couldn’t just imaging the worthiness of life without his sight. 

One morning he called the doctor and had a very passionate conversation with him. He promised heavens and earth if only the doctor could help restore his sight. The answer was no as it has always been. Then he whispered to the doctor; “Help me end it. I can’t stand the shame of being held by the hand anytime I have to take a step. This life can’t work anymore. Let’s end it and try again. I hope I get relief in the next life.” All the doctor could do was to shake his head in disbelief and leave his bedside.

The next morning, as he sat crying, a ward-mate, who had recently been crippled went to his bed side and handed him an orange. “Do you know what this is?” the ward-mate asked. “I have no eyes, how could I know?” he answered. “Smell it,” the ward-mate said. He did, realising what it is, he turned to the ward-mate and said “it’s an orange.” “Of course it’s an orange, but how did you know?” the ward-mate queried. “It SMELLS like one” came the answer. The bed-mate then said “life is designed to still work even when we’ve lost something within us. Eyes alone can’t make your whole life better, therefore, losing it doesn’t make life worthless. There’s always a way to live without eyes, let your heart illuminate your world and you can go wherever your feet can carry you. Tears won’t solve it, young soul, they just will find an escape through your eye, that’s all.” The story has it that, this man lived another forty seven years, fulfilled and accomplished.

We are wonderfully crafted to live a happy and fulfilled life however our circumstances. It is not given to a very few but each and every one of us. We have a chance at life but we usually let our chances slip. As humans, we turned to look too hard and too long at the close doors whiles many open doors remain unattended to. If there’s a door that is standing wide open for you and another that you’re trying to get through by knocking it down, sometimes it’s best to take the door that’s already open for you. 

 Buddha once said: “It is your resistance to what is that causes your suffering.” We are not made for suffering but rather give way to suffering when we try to resist how things are. However hard we try, there are some things we can’t change. It is what it is. It is when we try to go against the current that we open ourselves up for suffering. There are things we can change, yes! But there are quite a lot of few that we cannot. Where we can, let’s put in our strength and make the change we desire. If we can’t change it, we have to accept it as it is and let go of the negativity. That is when we find true value in letting go.

“This too shall pass” has been my favourite quote anytime I find myself in an uncomfortable situation. Nothing lasts forever; our sorrows, our heartbreaks, our guilt and shame can’t hover over us forever. They too shall pass. All, we need is a willing heart that can stand the test of time, be strong and be ready to make a change.

Get out of your own way. Give yourself the chance to be happy. If anyone deserves a better life and a happy ending, it is you.