Monday, 12 December 2011

Yes! We Too Can Fly

Back in the years when I was just a little boy living with my grandmum, I once observed a bird hovering so up in the sky. I thought to myself "what makes these creatures fly up so high?" with this question lingering on my mind, I ran to grandmum and asked "can humans ever learn to fly this (pointing to the bird in the sky) high?" With a mixture of amazement and humour in her eyes, she answered "no, humans are not made for flight. Birds can cos nature made them to fly, humans can't ever fly cos nature gave us no wings to sustain us up there."

This is the greatest lie my grandmum ever told me. Yes! we too can fly. Even without wings, we too can fly up to the heavens and touch the very sole of the almighty. What happens often is that, we place limitations on everything we can do as humans thereby ignoring the magic placed in our heart to move mountains and to order the oceans to calmly settle on it's track. Unconsciously, we've placed our will and zeal to achieve greater life in a cage and conforming to the confinement of our psychological cage. No bird can ever soar beyond the ceiling of its cage, unless it can struggle and break free from its shackles. What do we see when we close our eyes, the stars or the mud?

Our problems and challenges as humans are endless. We had problems yesterday so we'll have them today too. All we can do is to believe in the power of our minds. "our problems" said president J.F.Kennedy, "are man-made, therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond the reach of human beings. Man's reason and spirit have often resolved the seemingly unsolvable." We don't have to rest on our limitations, we have to believe in the power of self and strife to become whatever our mind could imaging.

Once a bird's egg got mixed up with the eggs of a chicken. Somedays later, the eggs got hatched. The bird mingled with the chickens as if it was also a chicken. One day, the mother chick called the bird and said; "look up there, that's where u belong. You don't belong with us, you're a bird so learn to be one." you can imaging the amazement in the eyes of the young bird when it heard that. Days later, it started to learn how to fly. Several days later, all it could do is to fly some inches up and fall flat on the ground. It turn to the mother chick with a failed heart and said "is it possible?" the mum replied; "yes it is, those who reach for the skies might not land on the moon but their feet at least gets off the ground." the desire of the young bird was spurred on with this speech. Season after season it practiced to fly. One day, all it took was just a flap of its wings and the young bird was up there in the sky. You could imaging it's joy that very moment.

So are our lives too. We too can fly and compete with the eagles if only we can give it a go. If only risk will mean an opportunity to us, we will make the heavens our domain and the earth, our playing grounds. "our life" said Lord Morley, "is a great and noble calling, not a mean and grovelling thing to be shuffled through anyhow; it is lofty and exalted destiny." Come on dear friend, just spread your wings and fly away, for up there in the heavens is suppose to be our abode. We belong right there...

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Hallowed Spot of the Mountain Top

On the 3rd April, 1968, in Mason Temple, Memphis, Tennessee, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech which would later be the last speech of his life; "I've been to the Mountain Top" was the title of his speech that day. Anytime I listen to this speech, I ask myself "is there going to be a time where a Ghanaian leader would have the chance to stand on this mountain top, to observe a panoramic view of human political history?" the answer that keeps echoing in my head is "yes, they would stand on the mountain top but they would close their eyes to all the beauty and richness of human history and return with lies and acrimony towards their political opponent."

 This is a country where our leaders are well endowed with academic prowess, yet anytime they speak, their mouth runs on the path of lies, treachery and venom for their opponent. As if that's not enough trouble, there are other people who have made it their job to defend whatever thrash our leaders throw around. They make lies look like a scripture quotation. Fellow Ghanaians, we live in a very difficult times, times where the wheels of fortunes and prosperity have been steered to oblivion by our political leaders and as citizens, we've been left to struggle for the little remains that fall from the dinning tables of our political 'oppressors'. Ghana needs open minded people especially the youth, to rally against such leaders. It's not about our political tags. It's about the future of our nation. The future God has entrusted into our hands. Every nation has it's own problems, and the ability to solve such problems rightly is salvation.

We need salvation now! Forget about where you tow on the political line and let's come together to build and to sustain our nation. Like Dr. King said in his speech "when it is dark enough can you see the stars". Let's be the shinning galaxy of stars in this dark moment of our political history, so in the end, like all fairytales end, our ever after would be as happy and glorious as we intend it to be. Ghana should win, and it would only win when we have youth who have clean political conscience and are ready to stand for something, something bigger than one's self. I hope somebody is listening because I've been to the hallowed spot of the mountain top, and "have seen the glory of the cometh of the lord"

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


How many times do we wait in life? It's amazing, it seems our daily lives are made of series of waiting. We wait for promotions in job, we wait for a lover's call, we wait in line in the grocery store, we wait in a traffic, we wait for the call from our prospective employers, we wait to see a change in a relationship. Wow! It seems we spend a hell of time in life's waiting room.
Sometimes, it's very stressful to wait and very frustrating when what we are waiting for seems to tally. We seem to tell ourselves "I can't wait" all the time but the truth is we can always wait. No matter what we are expecting at the end of our waiting, however long our breakthrough seems to tally, we can always wait. We are made for hope as humans. Our lives seem to be rolling each day on the wheels of hope, that's why we can always wait. Waiting is expectancy filled with hope. So if only we can relish our souls with what we'll get at the end of our waiting, then, each of us, however impatient we are, we too can wait. I read of a story about a young man suffering from cancer. There was no hope, doctors after doctors told him he wouldn't last the season. He was actually waiting to die. One morning the wife came with good news to him; "there's a doctor in another town who can heal you of your cancer", the wife said. "he's done it before. He has healed so many people of the disease, I called on him and he promised he would be here in a month time, if only you can hold on for him, you would be healed". Month came without the doctor, two, three, four months came but there was no sign of the doctor. His wife kept assuring him that the doctor was on his way coming but a year later, there was no sign of the doctor. One morning, news came that the doctor wasn't coming, the doctor is dead. That very night, this man suffering of cancer also died. The question is, "how was this cancer stricken man able to last this long when doctors have told him he wouldn't last the night? The answer is hope! He had hope that his healing was on the way coming so his spirit endured. His spirit could hold on and WAIT because there was help coming. Hope preserves our soul. If only we can wait with hope in our hearts, if only we believe in what we are waiting for, dear friend, however long it tallies, we can still wait. Since the beginning of the year B.C, Christians have waited for the kingdom of God, it has never come yet they wait. So why can't you wait? Things take time to work out. Is it about a job, is it about marriage, is it about a change we seek in a relationship? At the end of the day, if we can truly wait, believing the vista of hope we see in our heart, everything we are waiting for will come to pass and our smiles would be boundless so we can tell our hearts; "it's worth the wait."

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Monday, 24 October 2011

I Dreamt of a Wedding

It was one clear beautiful morning
The skies were grey and the birds gay
It was a summer but the trees kept true to green
She appeared before the altar cladded in a gown
Only angels could have put pieces together to make
Her veil so clear and saintly
What a smile she worn, a smile of a happy queen
She held in hand a bouquet that attracted stray butterflies to come and dine
Gorgeous were the feet that I saw;
fixed in a shoe that sprayed majestic elegance to her strides
Ow what a rain of happiness I felt poured down my heart
The orchestra chorused a song with a theme of grace
The congregation sang along the tune of "When I Look At You"
My eyes welled with tears, my heart filled with glorious doubt
For Whom could this queen be?
Who could deserve this glorious call of love?
Who has won this maiden's hand in marriage?
The band went quiet, the clergy went mute
My inner voice grew louder, doubt was no where close
Now that magic moment seem ripe.
The kiss of the heart is nigh
The congregation look restless,
Now the reverend uttered those sentence all were waiting to hear
"Now you may kiss the queen, the bride of your heart."
The kiss was long and endless
I woke up! From a dream of my wedding, our wedding, the unity of our hearts.

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Let It Go So You Can Welcome A New Beginning

Feeling down and out cos you lost your job? Let it go
A best friend died leaving you broken and shattered? Let it go
She left your life when you needed her the most so you're broken hearted? Wow, let it go
No job? no love? good things seem to pass you by? Let it go too.

The truth is, something we love is always ending but in every end is a new beginning. Like Rilke's sonnet said "Flow into the knowledge that what you are seeking finishes often at the start, and, with ending, begins." Your happiness today was born out of yesterday's sorrow.

Remember how u were sacked from job sometime ago? Yeah, that's the reason You have a job u can be proud of today. Like Rilke puts it "Want the change. Be inspired by the flame where everything shines as it disappears." just let it go today so you can have a happy beginning tomorrow. Learn to make your goodbyes look really good, don't be broken, walk with your head held up high, stop along the road and smell the roses, for tomorrow brings a new happy beginning out of today's misery.

Be guided by this quote from Martha Beck; "We learn the way through loss to gain, expecting unimagined delights to be born from every sorrow.…any sorrow can be the parent of a joy we've never imagined." Bless your heart, beloved.

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Walking With Daggers in Our Hearts

This place, this world is full of negatives. It seems the negatives win us over all the time. We seem to give the bad things in our lives so much more attention than the good ones.

We pay far more attention to one person who insults us than ten who tell us how beautiful and intelligent we are. Our focus sharply goes to the one negative
comment on our Facebook page, the one cutting criticism from our boss is enough to make us forget all the good things he has said about us sometime ago. Just that one explosive curse from our friends can make us forget ever being friends again. We therefore go through this life wielding a dagger in our heart and psychologically limping out of pain of all the bad things said about us. Everything appears negative; the rose comes with thongs, the rattlesnake bites with poison in the eyes, bad company corrupts good manners. Wow, all is negative, right?

Sometimes, being happy even looks like a crime in itself but as the poet Jake Gilbert writes "We must admit there will be music despite everything." if only we can smile in the face of negativity, if only we can go out there and enjoy life however the tides may seem severe, if only…if only, that's all it takes. "We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world." Gilbert writes. This isn't narcissistic pleasure-seeking. It's the way to make our own life work and give our best to the world. "When you're weary," says Martha Beck "find relief. When you're strong, find delight."

Become that person, and you'll find that in spite of everything, there is music. It won't necessarily be a choir of angels but enough to make your heart believe again. So go out there today, show a smile and tell the world; "I refuse to be negative, I'm bigger than that." Your smile might be enough to shine a light into someone else's life like Pablo Neruda sings; "take bread away from me if you wish, take air away, but do not take from me your laughter. it opens for me all the doors of life." Bless your heart, dear friend.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Life's Forgotten Grace

This peace I crave
This love my heart clings to
This hope my soul dwells on
This inspiration that whispers in my spirit
This brook of passion that swells within
This serene tune of melody that plays in my ears when I'm silent.
This warmth I feel when the morning sun shows it's rays
This spectacle of beauty my eyes perceive when the rose blossoms
The fragrance from the nectar that draws me close
This whirlwind of grace that surrounds the flight of birds
Are all life's to give. Could we ask for more when all we need is as close as our breath?
Life is a collection of beauty that unveils each day
If only we can see life through the eye of a baby
If only we can forget the troubles of yesterday
If only we can leave the anxieties of tomorrow
Life will open up like a sea shell
and sprinkle a fragrance to keep us from shadows of worry.
Life is a grace.

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