Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Hallowed Spot of the Mountain Top

On the 3rd April, 1968, in Mason Temple, Memphis, Tennessee, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech which would later be the last speech of his life; "I've been to the Mountain Top" was the title of his speech that day. Anytime I listen to this speech, I ask myself "is there going to be a time where a Ghanaian leader would have the chance to stand on this mountain top, to observe a panoramic view of human political history?" the answer that keeps echoing in my head is "yes, they would stand on the mountain top but they would close their eyes to all the beauty and richness of human history and return with lies and acrimony towards their political opponent."

 This is a country where our leaders are well endowed with academic prowess, yet anytime they speak, their mouth runs on the path of lies, treachery and venom for their opponent. As if that's not enough trouble, there are other people who have made it their job to defend whatever thrash our leaders throw around. They make lies look like a scripture quotation. Fellow Ghanaians, we live in a very difficult times, times where the wheels of fortunes and prosperity have been steered to oblivion by our political leaders and as citizens, we've been left to struggle for the little remains that fall from the dinning tables of our political 'oppressors'. Ghana needs open minded people especially the youth, to rally against such leaders. It's not about our political tags. It's about the future of our nation. The future God has entrusted into our hands. Every nation has it's own problems, and the ability to solve such problems rightly is salvation.

We need salvation now! Forget about where you tow on the political line and let's come together to build and to sustain our nation. Like Dr. King said in his speech "when it is dark enough can you see the stars". Let's be the shinning galaxy of stars in this dark moment of our political history, so in the end, like all fairytales end, our ever after would be as happy and glorious as we intend it to be. Ghana should win, and it would only win when we have youth who have clean political conscience and are ready to stand for something, something bigger than one's self. I hope somebody is listening because I've been to the hallowed spot of the mountain top, and "have seen the glory of the cometh of the lord"

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