Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Sling

In the journey to find a restful ground,
where the total peace of my heart can be found
many unguarded territories I trod
I trusted there would be gold at the end of my search path
I believed though failure looms bigger than life,
I knew miracles could come out of the ashes… so I held on
The pictures on the horizon told a story of defeat yet I held on;
Knowing my reward shall be in gold

Through it all, the beauty of the sling kept me still
Shinning my path like the birth of a new sun
Keeping my heart's beat among pebbles of diamond
And supporting the foundations of my weaknesses with the sling of love
The sweat on my face, with velvet of care, she wipes
The sling, the pillars of my common dreams
The womb to my little hopes;
Feet to my wobbly desires,
The shelter for my weary bones and the orchestrator of the sound of my heart beat
My sweetest dreams in a blossom of darkness and;
The gentle breeze that stirs a peaceful slumber in my soul.
My glorious aster in the morning of September's birth
Thy love I crave, like the broken bone yearns for the sling.

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