Monday, 2 December 2013

Semper Atrox

A day came in my life I thought I was a fiction
Like a dandelion in a whirlwind I strut and stretch
Being me took a toll on my spirit and burdened my breast
I journeyed on with the spirit of a soldier though unarmed
Night fell, a fantasy was reborn, faith ignited
From the shadows I resurrect and stare at the rising sun
I feel alive and soaring in the cloaks of the resurrected son of man
I cannot be trampled though floored and weary
Then came the dawn with its flashy twilight
Beckoning me to sail on though sea restless and livid
Hope flickered...The dream came alive like the prophesy said
Strength knocked my knees, on a tattered foot I begun to walk on
Journey on to the 13-twelve spot of the dream hive 

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