Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lullaby To The 27th Step Of September

The night's elegant strides finally ceases
Birds retire to the comfort of their nest...
With their feathers feted by the night's breeze
Draw close my love, we need not push our darkness into the corners
Succumb we need to this calling slumber...
Rest this regal flesh on the pillars of my arms
All solace and grace our beds laid, with stardust on our pillows sprinkled
Gentle sleep beckons our weary souls, just like the seagull to the seas
Life's grip on our valour slowly wanes into nothingness
Retire with me dearest, Let's make this night disappear...
With the harmonies of our passing breaths
It makes sense dear....
We are chosen for a divine purpose called love
A divine meaning into things we are less informed.
Who are we to question the intent of the maker
Who threw us here in this hallowed spot?
Who are we to blink on the celestial beauties of our hearts and dreams....
Tonight we wave into the shadows, when the dawn is broken,
When the voice of the roaster is heard out loud, love would begin again
And life would be lived once more.
A kiss to your lips, to arrest your heart into a night-full slumber
Sleep on love....
Lay would I awake and watch you thread on a golden dream.
Sweet dreams....

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