Friday, 30 March 2012

The Beauty of Hope

"And in the twilight of our live we look to find the way
To tell us if the path we chose was the best and finest paved.
And when the darkness comes we see the twinkling of the stars.
We know that our journey here was short, and yet still very far.
But life is full of puzzles, enigmas, and mazes of human thought,
Yet the beauty of the life we've led was paid for with the tears of hope we brought."
-Pasty Dunbar

Somewhere in June last year, I was standing by the road side waiting for traffic to subside so I could cross the road to the other side. From no where, all I could hear was this loud boooom! The next scene I saw was a gentle man in his mid thirties lying lifeless on the ground in a pool of blood; he's been knocked down by a car! As the horror of the scenes keep flashing my busy imagination, a question triggered; "who's waiting for this man? Who's this heart that's going to bear the disappointment of a love who never came back? I quietly left the scene with those questions ringing loud on my mind.

We all know someday this life would be knackered but we've never stopped dreaming with hopes in our hearts. We leave home and promise our kids and spouse that we would return when the sun sets. We make it look like a guarantee. So when the sun starts tracing its root back to its coil, lovers and friends gather and look yonder for the approach of lovers gone.

Life can end anywhere and anyway. Everything we say or do here on earth is as evanescence as a baby's breath. Hope has always tricked us to take our lives for granted. We know when we sleep we'll wake up, we know when leave out we'll come back. We know when we travel we'll come back. It's almost as certain as the sun would appear tomorrow but hey, it's not always like that.

 Let's take time and treasure each moment as if it were the end. Assure your family and friends with your love. Let them know today how much you treasure them so you won't leave with words unspoken. Each day must be lived so we may live all the days of our lives.

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