Monday, 24 November 2014

What Dady Said About Happiness

My father always wanted to teach me something new each passing day as I was growing up into a young man. He usually will tell me about things I needed to know to live a fulfilled life. This day, on the 27th September, 1999, Daddy spoke to me about happiness;

My son, if there's anything you have to be in this world before you die, it should be nothing but happy. Don't be scared to let the world know how happy you are about the little things life throws into your nest. Actually, you don't need much to be happy. People waste their lives in slavery just to acquire so many things, yet have no time to enjoy what they have acquired through their sweat. Son, I tell you today, take note...happiness doesn't rest on any material belongings. 

Let me use my life as an example. When I completed law school, there was nothing on my mind than a beautiful career that would bring me wealth and a pool of sunshine. In my little heart of imagination, I thought that was where happiness could be found. I dreamt of beautiful mansions, exotic cars, travelling all over the world and imagined having a beautiful family, yes, I thought of you kids too. 

Then I started working. In my office, all my colleagues had cars except me. I was always struggling to move around. Most often I had to beg a friend to take me around. Then I developed a taste for a car. In my mind, that was the only thing I needed to be happy. I spent days un-end dreaming of what life would be like if I had a car. Anytime I saw someone driving around I associated them with happiness. I only believed one thing to make me happy; having a car! 

I worked hard, saved a lot of money and got my first car. You could imagine my state of mind when the car arrived. I was thrilled and couldn't even get my hands off it. Now my happiness is achieved, hurray! I will usually drive around town to visit all family and friends just to let them know I'm a proud owner of a car. 

Days went by and seasons changed. I got used to having a car and I wasn't thrilled anymore. I began having dreams of another sources of happiness. Things I didn't have were  most beautiful in my eyes. At a point I even fantasized about owning a piece of the world just so I could be happy. That was when I began to understand what happiness truly means. 

Whatever we have is a solution to some problems of our lives but not all problems of our lives. I learnt the hard way. I realized eventually that owning a car was just a solution to the transportation problems of my life. I had a car not so I could be happy but so I can move from one location to another with ease. Later I realized I had problems that are bigger than transportation and those problems equally made me sad. Interestingly, the car that was suppose to be my happiness even caused me a lot of unhappiness sometimes. I had to fuel it whether I have money or not, I had to service it, pay insurance and even spend hours un-end in traffic. That caused me a lot of unhappiness too. 

 Happiness is something we can only pursue. It's not a destination where you can pitch camp and say; this is it, I've reached my point of happiness. Each day of our lives we have to pursue it. We have to do things that make our spirits smile, however small. Whatever dream your mind perceives, pursue it with all your heart and soul. It's through that your souls happiness and fulfillment is attained. 

Don't live the dreams of others, not even mine, just so you can fit or be accepted. Dare to be different. Dare to let your heart dream you a dream. Dare to pursue every inch of your hearts desire, dare to live right now. It is only right now that happiness makes sense. Tomorrow we might have another dream to follow. Our heart might find us another dream to follow so we can be happy. Don't postpone happiness. Right now, right here, right at this moment, enjoy the happiness you've attained for yourself. 

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